The Curated Prop Library at Palette

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The Curated Prop Library at Palette

Palette is home to a curated selection of props among other supplies in the studio.

When I started Palette, part of the concept was a prop library because I had gathered so many items myself over the years from shoots and learned how important even just one intriguing object can be to a photograph. The collection is full of pieces that catch light in an interesting way and can transform completely depending on the angle you view them at. 
Among the library are themes of architectural shapes of varying sizes, intended to be versatile to a range of different photo shoots. 

Here's one way that the Bump Brick was used in a shoot for Charlotte Stone, prop styled brilliantly by Letitia Younger.

The Terrazzo Ball is another core prop in the collection, with the simple ability to bring an intriguing and architectural element to a composition.

To see the whole prop collection at Palette, check out our supply page.

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