Two Simple Lighting Setups to Try with Two Strobes

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Two Simple Lighting Setups to Try with Two Strobes

Studio lighting setup with two strobes

Lighting can be an intimidating area for photographers, especially for those who start out shooting with natural light. To get started, keep it simple. Experiment with just one light to start. If you know you want a soft-light look, look for a really big modifier (you want this light to emulate a big window), and make sure there's a diffusion, whether it's a soft box or an umbrella. Let's break down the setups for the photos in this post.


This shot above was created with two Profoto D1 strobes in a small studio space. Light number one is to the right of the model with a large, round soft box (the way you're looking at the screen), and the other is slightly to the right behind the photographer, with no modifier. This second light is at a slightly lower power, and it's creating the harder shadow behind the model, toward the left.

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