7 Ways to Use Apple Boxes

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7 Ways to Use Apple Boxes - Palette Supply

If you're asking "What even is an apple box?" This post is for you.

Apple boxes are wooden crates or boxes used in photography and filmmaking as versatile and multipurpose grip equipment. They are named "apple boxes" because they were originally used in apple orchards before finding their way into the entertainment industry. Apple boxes come in standardized sizes and are typically made of high-quality plywood or hardwood.

Here are some common uses of apple boxes in photography:

Height Adjustment

Apple boxes are often used to raise the height of a subject or prop. By stacking them, you can create platforms of various heights to bring objects or people to the desired level.

Seating and Support

Photographers and subjects can sit or stand on apple boxes to achieve comfortable and stable positions during a shoot. They provide a sturdy base and can be easily rearranged as needed.

Camera Support

Apple boxes can be used as stable platforms for cameras or tripods. They can provide added height and stability when shooting from different angles or positions.

Product Placement

When photographing still life or product photography, apple boxes can be used to elevate or position objects in creative ways. They allow you to achieve the desired composition and create visual interest.

Prop Support

Apple boxes can serve as a support system for props or set pieces. Whether it's creating a raised platform for a small table or providing stability for larger objects, apple boxes are versatile tools for prop management.

Fillers and Leveling

In photography studios, apple boxes can be used to fill gaps or uneven surfaces. They help create a level and uniform backdrop or set, ensuring a clean and professional look.

Safety and Protection

Apple boxes can act as safety barriers or guards, preventing accidents or injury by creating physical boundaries or marking off hazardous areas.

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