A space to create, and tools for creators

Palette is a creative resource space located in Costa Mesa, California

A 700-square foot studio with exhaustive resources, Palette is an inclusive source of inspiration to creative thinkers at any skill level. Its selection of modern and thoughtful supplies consist of styling props, a natural light studio space and equipment for studio use.

Space and supply 
to create

Palette was created 
by Nicole Mason


From a young age, Nicole gravitated toward creative outlets. She grew up with a film camera in her hands and regularly spent time with her grandmother, who is an artist in southern Arizona. She gained a love for artistic expression through her grandma’s works in every medium, from painting to clay.

Her career in the photography industry has exposed her to even more creative outlets and collaborators that she’s regularly inspired by, from the fields of interior design to fashion. Though influenced and energized by the global community of artists and creatives, Nicole’s first source of inspiration is the natural world - shifting light, expansive spaces and the range of textures on our planet.


Nicole is a photographer and creator inspired by the natural world