Introduction to Basic Studio Photography Equipment

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Introduction to Basic Studio Photography Equipment - Palette Supply

Setting up or using a photography studio requires various grip equipment to help you control and manipulate lighting, support and position your equipment, and create a safe and efficient working environment. Here are some basic grip equipment items commonly used in a photography studio.

Light Stands

These are essential for supporting and positioning your lighting equipment. Light stands come in various sizes and are adjustable in height to accommodate different lighting setups.

Boom Arms

A boom arm is an extendable arm that attaches to a light stand and allows you to position lighting equipment overhead or in hard-to-reach places. It provides flexibility in lighting angles and positions.

Clamps and Clips

Clamps and clips help secure backgrounds, modifiers, and other accessories. Gaffer tape, spring clamps, and A-clamps are commonly used for this purpose.


Sandbags add weight and stability to light stands, boom arms, and backdrop stands to prevent them from tipping over. They are especially useful when working in outdoor or high-traffic areas.


C-stands, also known as grip arms, are versatile and sturdy stands with an adjustable arm that can hold various accessories like reflectors, flags, or even cameras. They are particularly useful for holding and positioning items precisely.

Background Support System

This typically consists of a set of stands and crossbars that hold up various types of backdrops. The support system allows you to change backgrounds easily and maintain a clean and professional look for your photos.

Umbrellas and Softboxes

These are light modifiers used to control and shape the light from your studio strobes or continuous lights. Umbrellas and softboxes help diffuse and soften harsh light, creating a more flattering and even illumination.

Reflectors, Diffusions and Flags

Reflectors bounce light back onto the subject, filling in shadows and adding highlights. Flags, on the other hand, are used to block or control light spill, preventing unwanted reflections or shadows. Diffusions such as scrims and silks soften and spread light.

Apple Boxes

Apple boxes are wooden crates or boxes used in photography and filmmaking as versatile and multipurpose grip equipment. They come in several standardized sizes, including full, half, quarter, and pancake. Each size refers to its dimensions, with the full being the largest and the pancake being the smallest. These different sizes offer flexibility in terms of height adjustment and support needs.


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