Seamless Paper Storage Shelf (Mini)


A minimal and beautiful wall-mount storage solution for photography seamless paper, fabric, or any other creative materials on a roll. Custom-designed and handmade by Samuel Block. 

Details / Materials:

  • Maple (wood)
  • Minimal design for studios to display colored background options
  • Custom made (handmade) for durable + professional quality
  • Mounting hardware + installation instructions included
  • Holds 6 unused/full seamless paper rolls (fits 7 used)
  • Can be mounted at any vertical distance apart to hold a range of heights of materials (ex: 53" seamless, 86" seamless, etc.)

*ALL current sales are PRE-ORDER*
Shelves are custom-made-to-order.
Expected to ship within 3-4 weeks (we will send you an update).
Ships from Oregon

23” wide, 5.5” deep