SS x Palette: Subject-Specific Portfolio


The SS X PALETTE Subject Specific Portfolio Template is a stunning 22-page, fully customizable layout design template, meticulously crafted for both CANVA and Adobe InDesign.

What is it?

A Subject-Specific Portfolio is a targeted collection of work that revolves around a particular subject, theme, or niche. It emphasizes projects and pieces that are directly related to and focused on a specific topic or area of interest. This type of portfolio is created with the intention of showcasing your in-depth expertise, knowledge, and dedication to a particular subject. It is designed to resonate with a specific audience that shares an interest in that subject.

When to Use a Subject-Specific Portfolio?

  • Job Interviews: When applying for a job or position that requires specialized knowledge or skills in a particular subject, a subject-specific portfolio can highlight your expertise and make you stand out as a subject matter expert.

  • Client Pitches: When pitching your services to potential clients, especially in fields like marketing, advertising, or design, tailoring your portfolio to showcase work relevant to their industry or needs can be highly persuasive.

  • Brand Collaborations: If you're seeking partnerships or collaborations with specific brands, a subject-specific portfolio can showcase your ability to complement and enhance their brand identity.

  • Marketing and Promotion: For marketing or promotional purposes, creating portfolios tailored to different niches or industries can help attract a more targeted audience.

  • Rebranding or Redesign Projects: When you're involved in rebranding or redesigning a brand's visual identity, a subject-specific portfolio can illustrate your successful past work in similar endeavors.

Why Choose this Portfolio Template?

  • Ready-Made Layouts: Say goodbye to the daunting task of starting from scratch. Our template set includes 22 pages of pre-created, fully customizable layouts, so you can focus on showcasing your work.

  • Multi-Platform Compatibility: We understand that every creative has their preferred design tool. That's why our templates are editable in both Canva and Adobe InDesign, giving you the flexibility to choose the platform that suits you best.

  • Tailor to Your Brand: Your portfolio is a reflection of your unique style. With our templates, you have the freedom to add your own photos, text, and customize the design to align perfectly with your brand identity.

  • Part of the SS x Palette Collection


What can I customize?

The SS x Palette Portfolio Template empowers you to move, edit, or change all elements within the layouts. You have full control over the color palette, enabling you to match it precisely to your brand's aesthetic. Just like all Studio Standard templates, it's designed for maximum flexibility, with character, paragraph, and object styles for effortless font-style customizations. .


Size Matters

The templates are optimized for online display at a resolution of 1920x1080 pixels, ensuring your portfolio looks stunning on any digital screen.


Photographs Not Included

Please note that the photographs and mockups featured in the template are for illustrative purposes only. Your template will include basic placeholders where you can easily insert your own visuals. .



  • Total of 22 Slides: Offering a comprehensive range of layouts to tell your creative story.

  • Part of the Studio Standard x Palette Collaboration: A product of two creative powerhouses.

  • Real Text: Ensuring your content flows seamlessly.

  • Two Cover Color Options: Choose the one that best suits your style.

  • Wide Compatibility: Works with Canva and Adobe InDesign versions CS4, CS5, CS5.5, CS6, and CC.

  • IDML File Included: Seamless compatibility for Adobe InDesign users.

  • Styles Galore: Utilize paragraph, character, and object styles for font customization.

  • Customizable Colors: Edit brand colors effortlessly through the palette.

  • Grid Alignment: Aligned to a column and baseline grid for precise design.

  • Master Pages: Streamline your design process.

  • Layered Design: Separate layers for images, text, and backgrounds for easy adjustments.

  • Free Fonts: No need to worry about additional expenses.

  • Help File: We've got you covered with comprehensive guidance.

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